AI Poly Vision

AI Poly Vision is one of the most accurate image detection apps available, and recently won the Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award in the ‘Accessible Tech’ category. It can identify up to three objects per second, and is based on a neural network developed by Teradeep that uses convolution operations to detect images. Inspired by the visual cortex of animals, the system is designed for low power consumption and can recognize up to 1400 colors. This feature is especially beneficial for people with colorblindness, as the technology can detect and distinguish up to a thousand colors.

The current POLY AI price is $0.0065. The trading volume is $0 USD. The project has been the subject of 5 news stories over the past 7 days. The most common news source is Cointelegraph. This cryptocurrency is traded on 3 different exchanges. However, POLY AI is also listed on several exchanges as a “disruptory token”.

Its AI director can automatically frame individual speakers or two people speaking nearby. It can also pan to someone across the room. It will also support cloud-based video providers and Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery. It will soon be available for purchase. Lastly, Poly’s AI is always changing. With the company’s new products, the art of directing meetings has never been easier. It is now possible for people of different backgrounds and skill sets to participate.

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