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Foundation Corner Crack Repair

A common issue for homes with a concrete slab is a corner crack. The concrete will expand and contract over time, and the crack can eventually be repaired by applying a repair compound. The repair process is temporary and can last for many years if done correctly. The following steps can help you fix a foundation corner crack quickly and effectively. However, before attempting any repairs, it is important to understand the causes and potential solutions. For more information, contact a local foundation repair expert.

One common cause of corner cracks is faulty builder workmanship. This may be caused by improper barrier installation or human error. Sometimes, a corner will pop for no apparent reason. While this may be a sign of a more serious issue, it does not necessarily indicate a need for foundation repair. If the crack is more than one eighth inch wide, it could be a symptom of a more serious foundation problem. If you suspect a crack in the wall, contact a foundation repair expert for a consultation.

Another type of foundation corner crack repair is epoxy injections. This process welds the crack back together. It also helps to restore the original strength of the concrete. When used correctly, the solution makes the concrete look like new. It also makes the foundation impervious to contaminants. And it’s free! Getting a repair for your foundation corner crack is simple and inexpensive. And, it’s definitely worth it. Even if you’ve had a foundation crack in the past, it’s better to repair it today than later.

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