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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ URIS riscv Redmondmartin interviews the author. In this article, we discuss: Coffee, urn culture, Integralism and Sustainability, The value of Local Business Ownership, What is an ORP and what it means to be a RISCV RedmondMartin.

What is a RISCV?

An essential part of any business is the hiring and managing of employees. It is not just the owner who makes the hiring decision but also the employees who choose to work for him/her. An important way to identify and select the right person for the job is through a hiring process. It is nothing but a journey of acquisition and production, for every job we apply for a company needs to present a specific set of skills and Habits of the employee. The workplace culture and what the employee is able to do from day one is key to success.


Coffee is a crucial part of any business. It is a cultural and emotional experience and when people buy into a company’s culture, they also become deeply invested in the success of the business. Like any other social interaction, coffee breaks and coffee shops are a breeding ground for chatty, chatty people.

Integralism and Sustainability

When you think of a company as a whole, you think of its employees. But how then do you think of the employees in each of the business units? What are the employees in each department, section, or location who make the business successful? What is a key value people in each location and department share?

The value of Local Business Ownership

Businesses that have strong corporate cultures are strong enough to sustain themselves with the employees who make up the company. But where does that business sustain itself with the employees who choose to work for it? How does the company have the ability to attract new employees and maintain existing ones?

What is an ORP and what it means to be a RISCV RedmondMartin.

An opportunity for the owner and/or the company to make a significant impact on the environment and/or human health through the adoption of practices such as sustainable sourcing, socially responsible sourcing and/or environmentally-friendly manufacturing can be the difference between survival and extinction. These practices are central to a corporate culture of Sustainability and depend on the ability of the business to attract and retain its employees. An ORP can also be used to justify the business’s tax treatment as a “renewable energy resource”.

What can we do to become an ORP?

The top-down nature of corporate decision-making means it’s difficult to bring new ideas and technologies to the table that can affect the way a business works. But with the success of social media and online communities, it’s possible to bring these technologies and ideas to thepage. At the same time, it’s also possible to bring old-fashioned ways of doing business back into the open for the company to audit and review.

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