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Jewelry That Goes With Everything

If you’re a fashionista, you know that jewelry that goes with everything is an important part of your wardrobe. From classic pearl and gold stud earrings to statement necklaces, you’ll find a piece of jewelry that perfectly compliments whatever you’re wearing. But how do you choose the right jewelry for every occasion? Here are some tips. First, choose the proper type of jewelry for your outfit. If you’re planning on wearing your jewelry at work, you should select classic pieces, such as solitaire rings and stud earrings. You can even wear small amounts of pave in your earrings.

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When choosing jewelry for everyday wear, you should think about the weight of the piece. While weight doesn’t necessarily mean pounds, it can refer to the thickness of the material. For example, a thick necklace and bracelet look good with a knitted sweater. Heavy jewelry on the other hand looks good with heavier fabrics. Don’t be afraid to mix materials and experiment a little. A heavy gemstone-studded necklace pairs well with a button-down blouse, while a simple t-shirt dress looks nice with a long dainty necklace.

Choose a color that goes with your skin tone. Using a neutral color can make your outfit appear bland. Wear a lighter-toned color if your skin tone is pale. For example, a pink or coral necklace will look better on someone with a darker complexion. Yellow metals are a good choice for warm skin tones, and a gold necklace is a good choice for cool-toned women.

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