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DevilzMu is an MMORPG game that saw its beginnings in South Korea and its launch in China in 2002. Although the graphics of this title from two decades ago can’t compare to the recent ultra-popular online games, the 3D character and scene modeling is still passable. This guide looks to provide players with information on the strongest monster farming class and the optimal farming locations.

A Class Focused on Farming Monsters with the Most Power: DevilzMu

The Agility Knight is the deserving PVE champion, due to their proficiency in dual-wielding. This bonus grants them a higher attack power and speed, with a skill damage percentage of 400 and 500%, respectively. Comparatively, the Warrior, at level 1000 and with maximum intelligence, can only achieve 300% skill damage. Their Agility attribute grants them swift attack speed and wide-reaching screen output, making them ideal for farming monsters. But this is not their most impressive advantage.

The power of the Agility Knight is maximized when teamed up with other classes, such as the Intelligence Muse Elf, the Strength Knight, and the Commanding Grand Master. These characters can gain a variety of benefits from panel stats, skill damage percentage, and critical strikes when working together. It’s like a lion’s roar amplified by a megaphone in a Stephen Chow Kung Fu movie, with the team’s damage output able to reach over one million damage per second in the later stages. The Agility Knight is indeed the ideal choice for both monster farming and treasure hunting.

The Grand Master is a leader of great renown, and since birth has been protected from harm due to their exceptional abilities. They are highly appreciated and admired by all, and their skills are undeniable. With a 10 Agility boost, they have an increased attack speed, and their Wind Soul skill can cause devastating multi-hit damage. Furthermore, their high base skill damage, even without top-tier equipment, allows them to cause considerable harm. When combined with Divine Punishment, they are virtually invincible. Adding an Intelligence Muse Elf to their team during later stages enables them to reach over 900,000 damage per second. Their 50% damage reduction innately granted to them at birth makes them a formidable and resilient fighter, making them an ideal monster farmer.

The Mage is a class that has enticed many individuals due to its alluring appearance and skilled use of magic. For more than a decade, they have been a popular choice for gaming. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Mage is among the top three classes for monster farming. Their potential is unparalleled, and with the right gear and setup, a Mage can reach incredible heights. Additionally, their ultimate ability, Soul Protection, allows them to take a remarkable amount of damage. As such, the Mage is the most effortless and comfortable class for solo farming.

It is evident that the quality of experience one gains from each map has significantly increased in the current situation. To demonstrate, in Felicia, a team can earn 11,000 experience points, while in Nars it is roughly 8,000, and Underground 1 reaches around 15,000. These figures display slight changes in damage per second because of the greater spawn rates of monsters in the higher-level maps that start from Felicia. Nevertheless, the maps before Nars show distinctly higher kill rates, thus making Felicia the dividing line for map progression.

Players can begin on the lower levels, taking full advantage of the Phantom Tutor’s buffs to explore maps like Ice Wind Valley and Illusion 2. Reaching level 220, they can then move onto grinding experience in Lost Ground until level 300 is achieved. When their defense is approximately 300, they can farm in Forest 1 until level 400 is obtained. Despite the abundance of maps available at this stage, the practical use of them is currently limited because of the overlapping levels of monsters. The main intent is to level up quickly and progress through this phase.

Once gamers reach level 400, they should start focusing on team play since they will be able to attain more efficiency than if they were to solo farm until they strengthen their healing abilities. To make this happen, dual-clienting or forming compatible teams are recommended.

Groups of five players who have a combined damage per second of approximately 12,000 are capable of engaging in farming activities in Nars. The damage requirement for this type of farming is relatively low. If solo farming is what they are looking to do, then they should aim for a defense of 1,400 and a damage per second of 17,000. When farming as a team, strategic positioning can be employed to make the process more effective. One player should act as a tank, drawing the attention of the monsters, while the rest of the group attacks from behind.

Once players reach level 770 and have progressed to Underground 1, the monsters’ normal attacks become slightly stronger, but their elemental attacks become comparable to those in Felicia. This shows the importance of upgrading equipment and reduces the need for elemental attributes. It should be noted that a damage per second of 17,000 in Underground 1 results in slower monster farming. At this stage, an average damage per second of around 20,000 across all five characters is necessary for effective farming. As a result, it is not advised to farm Bean Sprouts in the Lake Depths once players reach level 700 due to their high attack power.


In order to be ahead of the competition in DevilzMu, selecting the right profession and being aware of the best spots for monster farming is essential. If anyone has questions concerning this activity, Redfinger Android emulator can provide the information they are looking for. Regardless of the game, monster farming is a great way to gain experience.

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