Top 5 Tips For Driving

If you want to drive safely, here are a few driving tips you should know. First, remember to maintain a safe distance with other vehicles, especially in city centers and metropolitan areas. Remember the “three-second rule” – if you see the car in front of you passing a landmark, wait three seconds before passing them yourself. If you pass this landmark in less than three seconds, your car is safely distanced from the car in front. Second, always drive in the center lane – outside lanes tend to be clogged with water, so if you see one, change lanes. If you have to, slow down to encourage the tailgater to move around you.

Third, practice driving on familiar roads. Driving in unfamiliar places may make you nervous at first, so start by practicing on familiar roads. This will reduce distractions and help you concentrate on driving. When you know where you are going, you feel more confident on the road. Try to avoid major interstates and highways until you have mastered small roads. Once you have gained confidence and control, you can practice driving on more challenging roads with high traffic volume and higher speeds.

Fourth, remember to use your turn signals. Drivers should be alert and not assume other drivers will behave as they would. It is also wise to signal before changing lanes or making sudden turns. This way, you can control your expectations of other drivers and avoid an accident. Then, when driving, don’t ever drink and drive. If you do, you’ll be in the wrong position to respond to other drivers and make the right decisions.

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