What is online conveyancing and how can an online conveyancing solicitor help you with your next property move?

Are you looking for an easier way to handle your property conveyancing? Look no further than online conveyancing solicitors. This increasingly popular service is revolutionizing the world of property transactions and making it easier than ever for buyers and sellers to complete their transactions.

Online conveyancing is a way of streamlining the process of conveyancing by allowing all of the legal work to be handled online, saving time and money for those involved. The process is similar to that of traditional conveyancing, but it allows the parties to interact with each other more directly in order to provide a smoother, faster and more efficient experience.

The convenience of online conveyancing makes it an attractive option for many buyers and sellers. It often allows parties to complete their transactions within weeks instead of months. Additionally, because all parties involved are able to access documents online, more and more transactions can take place where clients are geographically located elsewhere to their solicitors. This essentially allows you to access reputable conveyancing firms who were otherwise beyond reach.

Online conveyancing also provides clients with access to a range of services and additional features that may not be available with traditional methods. Clients can often access information such as title information, property searches and even tax advice online, all at their fingertips.

What About Identity Verification?

As with title deeds being held electronically at the land registry, all online conveyancing services have facilities to conduct electronic ID verification checks. What this means, is that your conveyancer can conduct checks to verify your identification using various pieces of ID such as your passport or driving license. On rare occasions when these ID checks return an inconclusive search result, there are other workarounds which are easy to carryout such as obtaining certified ID through your mortgage broker or the post office mynoteworld.

Is Online Conveyancing Cheaper?

Yes, absolutely. In contrast to traditional solicitors practices, Online firms have far less overheads. These savings are generally passed to clients meaning, more often than not, reputable online conveyancing firms tend to be substantially cheaper for like for like services.

Is Online Conveyancing Safe?

As with any service online, you must thoroughly research the online conveyancing solicitors you wish to instruct. There will always be online conveyancing service providers who leave a lot to be desired for, however this is no different to instructing a local, high street practice without considering reviews etc.

As long as you obtained a complete conveyancing quote, checked that the service provider is cable of handling your particular property transaction, are on the approved list of solicitors for your mortgage lender, there is nothing to worry FAQ BLOG.


All in all, online conveyancing is proving to be a highly efficient and cost-effective way of completing a property transaction. With its convenience, speed and range of additional features, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming increasingly popular with both buyers and sellers alike. So if you’re looking for an easier way to handle your property transaction needs, why not try online conveyancing today sccbuzz?

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